"It was one of those books, that when I began to read it, I just couldn't put it down. I could feel the passion in your heart as I read." - Barbara MacDonald Nelson

"Following your journey into joy has blessed me and my family." - Jim McKay

Introduction, from Joy, A Hidden Treasure in Plain Sight

Ever have trouble finding something? I usually have no trouble in a hardware store. The clerks seem to stand at the door and fight over the customers, but, in a grocery store I am lost. There have to be at least 5 million items in each aisle, so when my wife asks me to pick something up I know I am in for a long hunt. One day she asked me to bring home some peanut butter, a staple in our home. I searched every single aisle including the deli, cookie, ice cream, and even donut aisle (I once had a peanut butter donut), and I found nothing that resembled peanut butter. Either they were out of peanut butter or they saw me coming and hid every jar in the back of the store.

Finally I found someone who worked there and asked my standard question, "If you worked here where would you hide the peanut butter?" With a smile she said, "Follow me." I then added that if this was my store I would stock the peanut butter next to the jelly since they always go together. She led me down an aisle and there was the peanut butter, eye level, right next to the jelly. I'm not sure why I couldn't find it myself. Maybe I was so frustrated that I walked up and down the aisles with my eyes closed -- I don't know.

Have you ever had trouble finding something in plain sight? Perhaps you misplaced something in your home and, after searching a whole day, found it right where it should be located. A neighbor lady was calling a friend complaining that she couldn't find her cell phone. The friend asked her what she was using to call her. One day I could not find my coat. Finally I asked my wife if she knew where it was, and she said she hung it up in the closet. My response, "Well that is a dumb place to hide it."

Joy can be harder to discover in life than peanut butter in a grocery store. It's in plain sight and yet it's hidden because we look for it in the wrong places. We all want to be joyful and live a fulfilling life. However, most people have trouble understanding joy and so are willing to settle only for moments of happiness. The difference between joy and happiness is that joy is with you no matter what is happening around you while happiness is fully dependent on what is happening around you. Plus, if moments of happiness are all you have to look forward to, then you have to tolerate moments of sadness because happiness and sadness are on the same emotional level.

Happiness comes when nice things happen to you. The excitement about buying a new car brings a moment of happiness. There is the hunt for the model that fits your lifestyle and makes a statement, the excitement of trying to read the instrumentation, and that wonderful smell. You are not even worried about the interest rates and financing because your emotions are momentarily filled with excitement.

Possibly your happiness comes from a much deserved promotion at work. Maybe it means more money or more prestige or even more travel. Your neighbors congratulate you because it is long overdue and your spouse is thrilled.

Happy moments come when you meet the perfect life-mate and walk the aisle or witness the birth of your first child. It may come when you purchase your first home.

The emotions of happiness come because pleasant things happen to you. But if this is your greatest level of pleasure on this earth then you also have to be content with happenings that make you sad. This sadness may come when a child makes a decision that you know will hurt them (because it hurt you thirty-five years earlier). Or sadness and hurt may come when you receive divorce papers unexpectedly, or watch as a loved one grows weaker and weaker and then passes away. Along with many happy moments in this life you will also witness many sad moments. So if your only goal in life is to experience a few happy moments then you have to, also, put up with a lot a sad moments.

Happiness and sadness both deal with your emotions at the same level. However, there is an something in life that is far greater than happiness and sadness and that is JOY. JOY is a hidden treasure very few people know about and even fewer discover. It is a hidden treasure in plain sight. This book is written to help you move beyond the emotional roller coaster ride of happy moments and sad moments. It is a simple book but then the pathway to joy is simple - hidden but simple.

Plus, you will discover the best part of joy is that it does not come with a negative counterpart like sadness. Joy stands by itself, far above any emotion. That means you can experience joy even in the saddest of times. Are you ready for a wonderful journey to discover joy for your life? Then you will like what you are about to read.

©2013 D.Cornell, C. Emerson