"The ability to love has separated the human being from the rest of the animal kingdom. Pastor Cal has done an excellent job describing how God's perfect love has motivated Him to pour out His blessings upon us. He has also made it very clear why some will never receive those blessings" - Jim McKay

Introduction, from Love, A Hidden Treasure in Plain Sight

If I were to ask you what one of your greatest emotional needs is in this life, I’m confident you would respond, “the need to be loved“. We all desire to be loved. Love is what makes life worth living. We desire people to love us even if we do not feel beautiful and far from perfect. We desire people to love us when we do not feel lovable. Love is something we cannot live without. It is what drives our engines, and it helps us get through the hard times.

I have personally discovered that love is more precious than success, wealth, worldly posessions, and even more precious than popularity. Love is of greater value than gold and silver. Love is a treasure. It is a treasure of great worth. It is a treasure in plain sight, yet it is hidden from most of the world

My first venture with love came in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. I met this beautiful girl in school, and she just melted my heart. I remember getting my year book and rushing out to the car to show her picture to my mom. Mom said she had beautiful “horned rimmed” glasses, because the rest of her picture was a little faint.

During that summer she invited me to go on a hayride. Full of excitement I accepted, anticipating the most beautiful evening of my life. That invitation was proof she had the same feelings for me that I had for her. I just knew she was about to become my lifelong partner.

As I arrived at her farm I realized I knew very few people; but that did not matter. I was in love. But then the evening quickly fell apart. As we prepared to get on the wagon there was another boy, a year older than me, who helped my love onto the wagon. My heart broke. Obviously 8th graders knew a whole lot more about romance than 7th graders. I’ll have to admit that in the seventh grade my idea of love was perhaps only half a step above pulling pigtails. It was the longest hayride I have ever been on. I tried to be upbeat --- throwing straw at mailboxes as we passed them by --- watching my love hold hands with another boy. After the hayride Mom picked me up and asked if I had a good time. I told her, “Yes“, not wanting her to know I had been stood up by the beautiful girl in the horned rimmed glasses.

That same spring our house burned, and dad thought it would be an adventure for all eight of us to camp out in the back yard for the whole summer. Our bedroom was a 16’ x 16’ army tent with seven beds crowded together. The next morning my mom, once again, asked me what had happened at the hayride? Again, I told her that I had a good time. Her response was, “Oh, I was just wondering because you cried all night long.” My heart was broken, but I had no idea I cried in my sleep. I guess it’s pretty hard to hide your emotions when eight people are sleeping in one crowded tent.

That was my first experience with a broken heart. Up until that time I was the one to break the hearts, now mine was broken. Love can deal us some harsh blows over the years. It can start out very exciting with our heart racing and then, for no reason at all, just simply turn sour. We all want to be loved, but we all have had disappointing experiences with love. We may even feel there is no one out there to love us the way we desire to be loved. Love always seems to be both wonderful and disappointing.

To complete my story about the beautiful girl in the horn rimmed glasses, I have to fast forward eleven years. This girl finally regained her sanity. She decided she had made the mistake of her life on the hay ride, and eleven years later she married me. I’m not sure what happened the night of the hayride. Obviously she wasn’t in her right mind. But whatever the seventh grade problem was, we are now celebrating 46 years of marriage. They have been wonderful years, and yet disappointing years at the same time.

Love seems to be so imperfect. How can one human being love another at one moment and then break their heart the next? How can I love my wife one moment and then be angry enough to walk away from the marriage the next? My wife is beautiful and kind hearted. Yet why does she upset me so much at times, and why do I upset her? She always said she wanted to marry her knight in shining armor. After we were married a few years she told me my armor was starting to tarnishing.

Some people just put up with the “love, anger, hate cycle” and experience a lower form of love than God ever created us to experience. We become satisfied with a mediocre kind of love. Yet God wants us to experience a beautiful, almost perfect love. Love is a hidden treasure. Thus very few will ever find it. Back in the 60’s the Everly Brothers wrote a hit song that shares this feeling well. It is titled “When Will I Be Loved?” Following are two of the verses:

“I’ve been cheated,
Been mistreated.
When will I be Loved?

I’ve been made blue,
I’ve been lied to.
When will I be loved?”

Everyone wants to be loved and yet, love is so elusive. It’s so sad. The road to love is very clearly laid out and sought after by so many. But very few will ever find it.

So how do we discover this perfect love our hearts just ache to experience? Where can we learn about its qualities? Is there even such a thing as perfect love? Yes there is, and I have found a book that will define what perfect love looks like, where to find it, and how to keep it. It will even teach us how to love “unlovable people“. As you read, you will discover how easy it is to love and be loved. But be prepared to change your understanding of what love truly looks like. Love is a hidden treasure, and yet it is in plain sight.

But before we look into the perfect love we all desire, let us explore a lower form of love with which we all seem to be satisfied.

Joy Love Love Patience


©2014 D.Cornell, C. Emerson