Patience is a treasure that will:

- Take a lot of stress out of our life
- Keep us from offending people
- Give us a more exciting and joyful life
- Give us a greater peace
- Give us a greater understanding of others
- Give us better health

Patience is a wonderful gift from God that will greatly improve our lives. Yet why do we tend to ignore it or look at it as a standard we can never achieve? Why do we laugh at by praying the prayer, “God give me patience – NOW!” In this book you will discover that patience is achievable and that the treasure map will take you on a simple journey

Introduction, from Patience, A Hidden Treasure in Plain Sight

I did not want to write this book. I have had no reservations in writing my first three books about Love, Joy, and Peace. All three of these gifts are qualities most people hunger for in this life.  But I have thoughtfully considered putting this fourth book about patience on hold.  Patience is a quality where I fall painfully short.  I am not a patient person and I know God has some potentially painful “patience lessons” in store for me. Yet I know any lesson He gives me is given out of love and will help me receive a richer and fuller life. Thus, I know I must write this book.

            I also know that God can only demonstrate His strength when I am willing to admit my weakness. If I am unwilling to admit my lack of patience, then how is He able to enter in and help me overcome my weakness? I desire healing in this area and a life free of anger, constant adrenalin output, and potential high blood pressure. I admit that one of my weaknesses is lack of patience

            Some of my most impatient moments come when I am driving along a highway at 55 mph and someone pulls out in front of me, causing me to slow way down to 50 mph.  As a Christian, I have a hard time expressing myself when the other driver makes such a dumb mistake. God has not given me permission to show the other driver how unthoughtful and evil he is, so I simply don’t touch my brakes until I am within a few feet of his back bumper.

            My goal is to have him look in his rear view mirror, pull over to the side of the road, get out of his car, and apologize to me by saying, “I have just made an unforgivable mistake. Please forgive me. I have done a horrible thing.” Then I would forgive him and drive off into the sunset a happy man. Of course that has yet to happen.  Plus, if my wife is in the car with me she is screaming and calling me the evil driver.  Me? Really? I’m sure she meant the other driver.

That is just one of many impatient moments I have to live through. Another is my writing. I know I am not a brilliant writer and yet God has called me to write about the wonderful treasures people of the world are missing out on.  When I finished writing my first book, Joy, A Hidden Treasure (in plain sight), I sent it to my denominational publishing house.  It usually takes two weeks for them to review a manuscript. But, after about five days I called, wondering what was holding them up. How long does it take to evaluate a hundred page book?

            They said it was material they couldn’t use at that time (probably hadn’t even read it yet).  I had attended a number of writing seminars and heard war stories that after eleven rejections some publishing company agreed to publish a manuscript. I also heard that one manuscript laid on an editor’s desk for two years until a world crisis happened and then it was published and sold well. I was not willing to wait two years.

            So, as a man of great impatience, I found a very capable printer who would help me self-publish.  I self-published my first and later my second and third books.  Two weeks were way too long to wait.  And therein lies my reservation in writing a book on patience.

            Yet patience is a wonderful treasure from God.  It is a treasure God wants us to experience once we have chosen to walk with Him.  Patience is a treasure that will take a lot of stress out of my life.  It is a treasure that will keep me from offending people along my path of life and a treasure that will keep my wife from screaming at me while I am driving.

            I desire to experience a greater patience because I know that anything God wants to give to me will bring me a more exciting and fulfilling life.  So I say, “God, bring it on --- just please be very gentle.  I want to experience patience.  I just don’t want to have to go through any trials or hardships to get there.  I am open to learning, but please be gentle.” 

            Are you willing to travel this journey with me?  If so, let’s move on.  There is so much to learn and so much to gain if we forge ahead. I know I will experience far more peace in my life if I can just learn to be more patient.

Joy Love Love Patience


©2017 D.Cornell, C. Emerson