The definition of peace is:

- A state of tranquility or quiet
- Freedom from civil disturbance
- Harmony in personal realations
- Freedom from fears

If this is the definition of peace, I think we can all agree that peace is not happening in any of our lives. Every newscast brings ore disturbing news. The world is in chaos. Relationships are falling apart. Yet God promises us peace on earth and goodwill to men. In this book, you wil discover what peace looks like and where to find it. It is in plain sight. We just look in all the wrong places.

Introduction, from Peace, A Hidden Treasure in Plain Sight

One of the most beautiful passages in the Bible is Luke 2:13-14. It is a passage where the angel spoke to the shepherds the night Jesus was born, signifying that Jesus would bring peace on this earth. It states:

"And suddenly there was with the angle a multitude of heavenly hosts praising God and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men."

This is a promise from the heavenly hosts that Jesus would usher in a great peace on earth. Yet what has happened to that peace? Jesus has come and gone. He has completed His work on this earth and there is still no peace. There was no peace when millions of Jews were eliminated by an angry dictator during the Second World War. There was no peace when an angry people killed 4000 Americans during 9-11. Even today, and organization is threatening another 9-11 like attack which is a blatant act of war, not peace.

Where is the peace God promised us? Was it just an empty promise? Was it an assignment Jesus was unable to carry out? The answer is no to both of those questions. Today people define the peace the angels spoke of as a state of tranquility from civil disturbances or harmony in personal relations. They define peace as a freedom from fears and agitation.

This, however, is not the peace that God promises us. Thus, for the masses, peace is a "hidden treasure" and will never be experienced. It is in plain sight but most will not experience it; because this world, as we know it, will never experience a lack of conflicts, threats, or disagreements between neighbors. We look for peace in all the wrong places.

In this book I will bring to light the fact that peace comes from within and not from the world around us. The world will always be in conflict. So unless we take certain measures to experience inner peace, we will never experience the peace the angels were promising the shepherds, because we live in an un-peaceful world.

How do we experience peace from within? That is what the rest of this book will bring to light. Peace from within is more than positive thinking, greater than meditation, and more wonderful than happy happenings happening to us. It is so simple, yet hidden from most of the world. It is a beautiful treasure and it is hidden, but in plain sight.

Joy Love Love Patience


©2016 D.Cornell, C. Emerson